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20.01.29 11:34:10
2016-2019 Busan Business Service Excellence Certificate - G.S.T.Co.,Ltd.

G.S.T.Co.,Ltd. is specialized in smart factory construction and E-business solution centering on ERP, MES / POP, SCM, PMS, QMS and embedded systems, which are the core solutions for enterprise information system.

PLUS WIN 4.0, developed independently, is a management innovation information system for small and medium-sized companies. The company has been recognized for its excellence by contributing to management innovation and productivity innovation by successfully integrating it into various industries such as shipbuilding equipment, offshore plant, automobile parts, root companies, and semiconductors.

20.01.20 15:32:19
Smart Factory Platform Increases Productivity And Decreases The Defective Rate

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<GST and Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency held a technology sharing seminar on cloud type smart factory platform on the 3rd and announced the commercialization of the platform.>

Cloud type smart factory service has been shown to contribute greatly to productivity improvement of small and medium sized manufacturing companies.

GST (CEO Oh Jun-cheol), a smart factory construction company, supplied 40 small and medium-sized precision processing companies with 'big data-based cloud-type smart factory platform', and it is estimated that the average productivity increase is 23%. Said.

GST is the host company of '2018--2019 Regional SW Convergence Product Commercialization Support Project' of Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency. For the past two years, it has promoted the commercialization of big data-based cloud type smart factory platform with Busan IT Convergence Parts Research Institute and Auto Innotek, and provided it to 40 small and medium precision processing companies.

Afterwards, the changes in the production site were identified, resulting in an average 23% productivity improvement and a 46% reduction in the defective rate. Costs were reduced by 16% on average and delivery time was reduced to 35%.

Big data-based cloud-type smart factory platform is a smart factory service that analyzes various information collected at the production site with big data technology and finds ways to improve processes such as quality control, cost reduction, equipment failure prediction, and defect rate reduction.
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<Image before and after the construction of big data based cloud smart factory.>

It provides smart factory functions such as collecting and analyzing various process data and deriving productivity improvement methods in the cloud. For individual SMEs, the cost burden for smart factory introduction and operation can be greatly reduced.

GST has developed and provided a platform for the small and medium precision machining industry. Next year, the service will be expanded to the nation's precision processing industry and will be supplied to overseas markets including Vietnam.

CEO Oh Jun-chul said, “We collect real-time on-site process data with our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) equipment and solutions, and analyze it with big data technology to identify process problems, quality and equipment status, and input costs.” We will contribute greatly to the competitiveness of local precision machining companies with customized smart factory services that can dramatically reduce the construction cost. ”

Busan = Im Dong Sik Reporter
20.01.20 15:28:36
GST developed "customized APS for small quantity batch production" for Smart Factory.

The smart factory support solution that can be applied to small quantity production of various kinds came out.

GST (CEO Oh Jun-chul Oh), a smart factory solution specialist, announced on the 6th that it developed  "production plan upgrading solution using gantt chart" that can cope with small quantity batch production and urgent delivery in precision processing field.

The precision machining industry produces a large number of small quantities of products except for a few mass-produced products, making process standardization difficult. In addition, companies using standardized manufacturing execution systems (MES) are difficult to cope with frequent process changes such as urgent production or production changes. Production plan and field work discrepancies make it difficult to identify and aggregate production performance against plans.

GST has developed an Advanced Production Planning System (APS) to visualize the overall production plan and process status using visualized Gantt charts.

<Gatst-developed Production Plan Advancement Program (APS). Visualization and intuitive job scheduling are possible.>

Developed by the company, the APS provides a visual and intuitive user interface (UI) for order changes, possible equipment and operating loads in the production plan, in real time, and enables immediate response to process changes such as urgent orders and order changes. It is characterized by the design.

Based on site information such as order information, equipment operation schedule, materials required, time required for each process, and immediate input facilities, the 1st automatic production plan can be established to avoid inaccurate production planning, which depends on the discretion of the existing staff.

GST has completed the development plan, work order gantt chart, and performance management gantt chart, which are the core elements of APS, until now.

By the end of the year, the system will be stabilized and function activated, and will be distributed to the precision processing industry next year.

CEO Oh Jun-chul said, “We will apply to small and medium-sized production small and medium-sized companies to confirm program stability and expand the supply to various industries including material parts as well as the precision processing industry.” I will make it. ”

Busan = Im Dong Sik Reporter

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