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IIoT Devices

An industrial IoT controller
지에스티 Smart IIoT Controller  

Smart IIoT Controller

An industrial IoT controller
Essential smart factory equipment for manufacturing factory automation

Smart IIoT Controller

Essential smart factory equipment for manufacturing factory automation

GST Smart IIoT Controller  
  • 1 Standardized input/output modules such as size, PINs, PIN arrays, etc.
  • 2 Input/output status on the display panel and setting various parameters
  • 3 Remote control with the Modbus protocol in the master-slave structure
  • 4 Diverse functions, open-source softwares and logic programming like PLC
  • 5 Easy, convenient and intuitive control
  • 6 Reduced cost of 50% compared to PLC with low maintenance costs


Type Smart IIoT Controller
Basic Specification


Communication 1RS-485 (Bluetooth or Wifi)

Communication 2Optional (RS-485, Wifi)

User Temperature-20 ~ +70 ℃

Size95 × 90 × 40 (mm)

Display 0.96 inch (128 × 64)

Digital Input


Input Power15 ~ 25V

Dgital Output


OutputDry Contact

Relay Contact Capacity5A / 250VAC

Analog Input

TypeOP amp

Input Range0 ~ 20 mA

Resolution10 bit AD converter

Analog Output

TypeOP amp

Input Power0 ~ 20 mA

Resolution8 bit AD converter


TypePT100 (3 Wires)

Input Range-20 ~ 80℃

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