We lead the new Smart Factory World for future by cutting edge technology


The management system of manufacturing execution and production

Optimized system for field productivity
GST's unique solution that implements MES and POP systems.
We provide the optimal solution for the company such as
production management, quality control, material management, and facility management.


  • 1Real-time management of manufacturing status

    It effectively manages overall manufacturing collecting from the information on manufacturing, processing, product quality,and facilities.

    It collects manufacturing information from in-house developed IIoT devices, barcode readers.


  • 2Connecting with other systems by the integrated design of ERP, SCM, POP

    Low cost and high-efficiency system by the integrated design of various systems applied to production sites

  • 3Customer-specific design with modular functionality

    We provide customized design and reflect company-specific requirements through on-site verification and a client consultationfrom the beginning of program development.

  • 4Convenient and Easy by graphic screen

  • 5Minimize expenses for upgrade and maintenance based on cloud


  • Standard Information

    Corporate Basic Companies Management Department Management Item Management BOM Management Unit Price Management Exchange Rate Management

  • Business Management

    Order processing Shipping Process Sales processing Revenue Status Factory Status Order Status Sales Status Purchase E-TAX

  • Production Management

    Production plan Work order Work diary Actual production Production history Operation standard Barcode output Facility history management Monitoring actual production compared to production plan Monitoring facility operation status

  • Logistics Management

    Material Orders Material Input Direct Input Inventory inquiry Purchase E-TAX

  • Quality

    LoT Traceback LoT Tracking Inspection Standard Nonconformity Management Process Inspection Quality Inspection Final Inspection Inquiries about Defect X Bar_R Chart SPC Tracking Management Short-term Process Capacity Status Inspection Results Marking Management Instrument Management

Module Description

  • Order processing  

    Order processing

    Accurate order processing by company,item, standard, date

    It is a basic module that is easy to inputand search. Also, it is linked to a production plan

    Real-time sharing of order data enablesthe fast material acquisition

    It helps you predict how your workis going to progress.

  • Manufacturing plan management  

    Manufacturing plan management

    Planning and management through the system

    Accurate management by performance aggregation of manufacturing plan

    Flexible planning and manufacturingplan tracking

    Manufacturing plan management by machine

  • Process Pattern Management  

    Process pattern management

    Real-time results processing by work order andproduction record registration

    Data management using work orders andbarcode stickers for each process

    Improved work productivity by eliminatingdual tasks

  • Manufacturing status monitoring  

    Manufacturing status monitoring

    Real-time production progressinformation by product

    Visual management

    Prompt decision making

    Quick response in case of problems

  • Actual production management  

    Actual production management

    Management of actual production againstreal-time production capacity

    Pacemaker function by a process

    Productivity by real-time lineperformance management

    Preventing quality distribution by maintaining uniform production CT

  • Inventory inquiry  

    Inventory inquiry

    Systematic inventory management throughthe system


  • 1Minimized paperwork on the shop floor and reduced paper loss

  • 2Reduced lead time, inventory, product defects

  • 3Quick decision making and secures communication among employees

  • 4Establishing standard business process

  • 5Real-time data collection enables history tracking, quickly identifying the cause of failures and preventing recurrence

  • 6Flexible response to changing clients' requirements and market conditions

  • 7Stable management by monitoring system for manufacturing line

  • 8Efficient stocktaking

  • 9Accumulated data for predicting material requirements, production time, inventory and quality

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