GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.


Manufacturing execution system and production point management system

GST digitalizes manufacturing management,
production planning,writing manufacturing standard sheets and ERP system
so that you can check your shop floors with a single view at the office.



  • MES(Manufacturing Execution System) is a computerized system used in manufacturing provided by POP.
    MES works in real-time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process. (e.g. order execution and dispatch, production analysis, product quality, materials track and trace)
  • POP(Point Of Production) is to gather, analyze and inquire all the data which is generated at the production line such as production result, stock, work, inventory, quality, equipment operation and trouble.
    The main purpose of the POP is to supply the quick and exact information to production line manager.


  • Basic information

    • Corporate Basic
    • Item Management
    • Departmentmanagement
    • Business management
    • Unit price management
    • Exchange RateManagement
    • Drawing management
    • BOM Management
    • Standard ProcessDiagram
  • Production Management

    • Production Plan
    • Production Plan(Gantt)
    • Work order
    • Work order(Gantt)
    • Work Diary
    • Actual production
    • Actual productionmanagement
    • Production history
    • Operation Standard
    • Actual productioncompared toproduction plan
  • Facility Management
    (Supplies Management)

    • Facility Master
    • Facility HistoryManagement
    • Facility OverallEfficiency Analysis
    • Facility CAPA Status
    • Mold Management
    • Money Management
    • Tool Management
  • Quality Management

    • Corporate Basic
    • LoT Traceback
    • LoT Tracking
    • Inspection Standard
    • NonconformityManagement
    • Import Inspection
    • Process Inspection
    • Quality Inspection
    • Final Inspection
    • Inquiries about Defect
    • X Bar_R Chart
    • SPC TrackingManagement
    • Short-term ProcessCapacity Status
    • Inspection Results
    • Marking Management
    • Instrument Management
  • Monitoring

    • Monitoring Production Status
    • Monitoring Facility Operation Status
    • Monitoring Progress
    • Monitoring Production by facility

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GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.