GST has been growing, increasing the value of future

About GST

GST is a specialized enterprise in factory solutions
that provides ERP, MES/POP, SCM, QMS and embedded system around
Smart Factory and E-Business.


Overview (As of 2019)

Company Name G.S.T Co., Ltd.
C.E.O. Jun-Cheol Oh
Founded 2005. 06. 01.
Capital 150 million won
Business Scope Development and Supply of Application Software
Certifications IMS Certification, INNO-BIZ, Certificate of Venture Business,
Busan Leading Business, Small Giant enterprise
Number of Employees 47 (Specialized Integration System Development Team)
Address of headquarter Room 302, 3rd floor, Hyoyeol-ro, Buk-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

Business Scope

GST has been realizing sustained growth and differentiating on customer service.

  • Smart factory
  • SCM
  • ERP
  • PLM
  • IIoT
  • Fog Computing
  • IDC Center
  • Mobile Office

A system that is digitized and interconnected with production facilities
such as production machines or factors for production by communication technologies.

Smart factories are integrated management systems for production and collect information
by managing order to delivery of goods.

By analyzing production and quality, it enables enterprises that are far more effective on productive capacity.

Construction of standard process

SCM includes all flows of sales plans, order processing, forwarding and revenue.
It processes and shares real-time insights over all of the related information, thereby enhancing the organization's efficiency.

ERP constructs suitable systems depending on what business you are on.

ERP system digitizes manufacturing management, production planning and writing manufacturing standard sheets
so that you can check your shop floors with a single view at the office.

PLM can manage all of the processes from product planning to manufacturing to sales to disuse.

You can manage processes in a batch from production design to final production.
PLM cuts your expenses, increases the value of products and provides product data for Product Life Cycle, production management server systems, product data and networks of client systems.

A management system for materials and warehouses in the fast-paced distribution environments

MES and POP support clients' services and help effective uses of managerial resources optimizing corporations' capacity to manage material distribution.
You can also manage warehousing of materials, loading, delivery orders and inventories order by order in real-time.

A solution of Integrated Quality Management by Big Data Analytics

QMS and SPC keep product quality based on all of the data generated in processes and improve productivity and yield rate through big data analytics.

IIoT(Industrial IoT) implements Industry 4.0 which is the next industrial revolution as demand for stable and low latency communication.

IIoT that is a cloud system collects data by information collection systems attached to factory appliances and facilities.
Based on the data, it automatically inspects facilities, environments and manpower status of factories through analysis of product quality and vibration.

A key to the advanced smart factory system.

GST developed this skill to analyze and utilize data selectively by location-based services, instead of sending all of the data to distant clouds in preparation for the generation of a huge amount of data.

Construction of environments for smart factory platforms based on cloud

We operate the IDC center stably and provide customized IDC service to meet individual needs and IT environments.

We suggest the best mobile systems consulting and the best solutions

In this rapidly developing global-business world, companies need to develop information technologies, industrial automation, real-time monitoring, remote controls and ways of communication among workers.

Mobile offices are one of the most significant topics in the current market increasing users of smartphones.

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GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.