GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.

Fog Computing

Fog Computing’ as a Complementary Approach to Cloud Computing

GST Fog ComputingIt is a fusion device that is located in local parts of factories and essential for automation or M2M (Machine-to-Machine) control.


  • Fog Computing means the data collected from each IIoT in the field is sent to the server, when the data is sent to the server, a large amount of data, including text and image data, is called big data. Gateway device or server analyzes the vast amount of data into big data and analyzes them to make the best environment in the field, minimize the defect rate of the process, improve productivity, and prevent the maintenance of facilities.

    'Fog' contrast with 'cloud'. It has a figurative meaning to solve data from nearby ground fog without having to send data to the cloud as far as the sky.
    Fog computing can be defined as an environment that is configured to handle edge technologies such as big data on edge devices.

-ed Case

  • Essential application for processing large data requiring real-time response+Device

    e.g. Data collection and preprocessing Status Monitoring Rule-based decision making Short term data storage


  • 1 Flexibility

    • Flexible allocation
      of computer resources
      as demand changes
  • 2 Economical Expences

    • Cost less than deployment and maintenance
      because you pay only for the resources you use
  • 3 Efficiency and Safety

    • Efficiency and data leakage prevention by IT and resource collaboration
  • 4 Convenience

    • Checking and processing data anywhere on the Internet

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GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.