GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.

Smart Factory

GST digitalizes manufacturing management,
production planning, writing manufacturing standard sheets and ERP system
so that you can check your shop floors with a single view at the office.

Smart Factory  


  • Smart factories are the management system that shows all of the data analyzed and collected in the factory, so it helps to minimize cost by automation and intelligence based on Information Communication Technology.
  • Smart factories' system would be different depending on the status of businesses and factories.


  • Real-time monitoring of production lines
  • The visualized management system
  • Real-time collection and analysis of manufacture quality
  • Identifying the exact cause of the problem and establishing countermeasures against recurrence
  • Fast and accurate decision making

Businesses Scope

  • Applicable to various manufacturing companies : Precision processing, casting, mold, plastic processing, welding (bonding), heat treatment, surface treatment, injection molding, food processing, etc.
    (We are going to expand to these businesses: Environment Industry / Agriculture / Aquaculture)


  • Increased

  • Increased

  • Increased on-time
    delivery rates

  • Increase
    in quality

  • Manufacturing
    cost reduction

  • Paperwork

  • Defective rate

  • Lead time
    * reduction

*Lead time means the total time required to manufacture an item
between the initiation and completion of a process.

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GST will realize the best smart factory system for the 21th-century industry.